A year with Pack 1818 can include:
  • Weekend family camping (this is easy camping)

  • Model car and boat building and racing

  • Water rocket building and launch 

  • A weekend trip to explore another city in the south

  • Hanukkah party 

  • Decorating a Sukkah for the Cohen home 

  • Community service

  • Annual Scout Shabbat

  • Shavuot hike

  • Food/clothing collection for our neighbors

  • Summer day camps (Cub Camp)

  • Programs with Reptiles and snakes

  • Lego robots

  • Movie night

  • Special Scout District and BSA Events

  • Fishing

  • Visit a Fire/Police station

  • An American flag retirement ceremony

  • Learning to light a fire

  • Whittling

  • Nature hikes

  • Cooking over a campfire

  • S'mores

  • Attend a local football/basketball/baseball game

  • Bow and arrows

  • Marbles

  • First aid training

  • A visit to Space camp

  • Local Science/History museum visits

  • Special on-line video and event access

Pack 1818 Upcoming Events - Summer 2021




Upcoming meet-and-greets:

August 1st: “Build-a-Boat” / Creativity Makerspace

August 15th: Raingutter Regatta (Mini Boat Race)

August 28th: Scout Night at the Braves

Parent info / planning meeting: TBA!

September Kickoff: TBA!

Refer a friend and be eligible to win a $25 gift card!

Contact 1818scouts@gmail.com for details and to RSVP