Frequently Asked Questions

Cub Scouts -vs- Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts), how are we different? Cub Scouts have dens (groups of children in the same grade) ranging from rising 1st graders through 5th grade. Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts Of America) start in 6th grade. Pack 1818 is a very family oriented pack and we encourage siblings, dads, moms even grandparents to participate. Because our pack is 100% volunteer run, we require at least one parent/legal guardian or grandparent to be involved.

What is a Pack? A Pack is a collection of Dens (all of the children in grades 1st-5th together).

What is a Den? A Den is a group of 4-10 children and their parents or legal guardians divided by grade level. Your family will be put into one of the following: 
1st grade - Tigers
2nd grade - Wolves
3rd grade - Bears
4th grade- WEBELOS
5th grade - Arrow of Light

Meeting Locations We hold Pack (all the Dens combined) meetings about once a month. Locations will depend on the activity involved. Den meeting places and times depend on the individual dens. You, the parents, will decide as a group where you will meet. Some Dens meet at the MJCCA, others at local synagogues, private homes or parks. Meetings are encouraged but NOT mandatory. We ask that you RSVP.

Meeting Times We generally hold our meetings on Sundays after Sunday school. We realize with sports and other commitments your child will not make every meeting. That is OK.

What are the Costs? Our yearly dues are nonrefundable per scout when you decide to join. The amount will be determined by the membership. Because this money only pays for half of our expenses, we ask that everyone actively help with our fund raising of popcorn or camp card sales (Girl scouts have cookies, we have Kosher popcorn). Your dues help cover: Neckerchief, patches, advancement awards, handbooks, national dues and insurance, plus a group T-shirt for each scout.

Some events and trips are an additional “pay-as-you-go” fee.

Uniform Requirements Your will need to purchase an official Cub Scout uniform shirt with appropriate patches, neckerchief slide and a cap. These can cost between $30-$90 depending on where you buy them. Your scout will also need a pair of generic navy pants for grades 1-3. Grades 4 & 5 will need olive green pants.

Can girls join Cub Scouts? Yes, but we will need 4 girls in the same grade and their parents to create a girl den. Contact us if this interests you.

Synagogue dens As a new initiative, Pack 1818 is trying to form dens in various synagogues or combining neighboring synagogues. We currently have a den at Temple Emanu El in Dunwoody. We are looking to form first, second and third grade dens in the Roswell/Johns Creek area. You do not have to be a synagogue member to participate. Please let us know if you might be interested in joining one of these. We also have established dens in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and at the MJCCA.

How "Jewish" are we? We like to describe ourselves as "Kosher Style" We try to serve food that is circle K or U, we try not to mix milk and meat. But, we camp during the weekends. We try to discourage meetings on Saturdays. We tend to attract families from conservative, reform and unaffiliated Jewish communities.

Do I have to be a member of the MJCCA or a Synagogue to join? No, MJCCA or synagogue membership is NOT required.

Do I have to Volunteer? Yes. Pack 1818 is 100% volunteer run by very busy, hard working parents just like you. Scouting is about raising leaders, teaching ethics and civic duty. What better example to teach your child how to be part of a community than you? 

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